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Bute FM conducted a Community Consultation from February – July of 2012 in order to gauge the community’s opinions about the service.

The consultation took the form of street surveys, paper-based surveys, a website-based survey and a Facebook poll.

A total of 176 respondents participated in the Consultation, answering several questions and providing both quantitative and qualitative data.

Results from the street surveys, paper-based surveys and our website-based survey show that:

  • 72% of respondents listen to Bute FM
  • 24% listen every day
  • 59% listen between 8am-4pm
  • 67% are aged between 31-70 years old
  • Male listeners marginally out-number female listeners

Our Facebook poll, which asked the question “Are you happy with the service that Bute FM provides?” elicited 78 responses.  The result was 37 voted ‘yes’ and 41 voted ‘no’.

Please note that the reliability of the findings of the Facebook poll is somewhat debatable, as during the course of the consultation we were presented with evidence of attempts being made by a small group of individuals to manipulate responses towards producing a negative result.  However, in the interests of completeness, the result of this poll is still included in the overall figures.

The findings of our polling data shows that 63.63% of people listen to and are happy with the service Bute FM provides.

According to the 2001 census there were 5963 adults on Bute aged 16 and over.

To calculate our weekly reach – an industry standard figure – we multiply the overall percentage of listeners (63.63%) by the number of adults within our broadcast area (5963) which gives us a figure of 3,794.

Therefore, Bute FM’s weekly reach is 3,794 (plus over 300 daily on-line listeners).

Bute FM Community Consultation

The Bute FM Community Consultation is an ongoing exercise comprising of street surveys, paper and on-line feedback and consultation events.

Bute FM wants you to let us know what you think about the service we are offering to our community and to share your suggestions on how we can improve this.

Why not take part in the survey here on the website now?

Also, look out for our volunteers conducting surveys and canvassing in a street near you!

Further information about the Bute FM Community Consultation will appear on our website, Facebook profile and will be announced on-air.

Bute FM – Community Radio for the community; by the community.